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  • Dr. John Grant-Thomson


Mansell Neocot are proud to report that we are off to Oxford University UK this year to take part in the 3rd Edition Transport of High Risk Neonates conference from 31st August to the 2nd of September.

Last year we took part in the 2nd Edition at Copenhagen and the response since has kept us very busy building more, and supplying to our long standing regular clientele. Also welcoming several brand new contracts and offers of interest. This year we wanted to showcase something which is unique and that actually saves time, money, and frees up scarce hospital space/beds.

This is the MANSELL COSYPOD. A compact, light-weight, back-transfer system that can carry up to 4 infants for transport at once.

Infant transfers have gradually been increasing over the years for various reasons, so it is just as important to free up space efficiently and return the infants home who no longer require intensive-care support.

That is how the MANSELL COSYPOD truly is a remarkable and necessary piece of equipment for all hospitals with neonatal departments. If you feel like familiarising yourself more on this, please refer to our Product Page for more general/tech/specifications information. I am very much looking forward to attending this year with one of my biomedical engineering colleagues, Anthony Vadalma.

Also the team from Medical Market in Stockholm will be joining us at our stand to showcase some of Acutronic’s latest innovations in ventilation. Medical Market, under the guidance of Perka Fellander has been Mansell Neocots’ agent in Sweden successfully for numerous years. Joining him will be Maria Pia von Gerber also from Medical Market.

All of us will be more than happy to answer any questions and welcome all general enquiries. If you want to know more before this event you can always contact us via our website. Many thanks and I hope to see you there. John

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