The Neocot™ or ‘Mansell Infant Retrieval System’, is a world leading solution for the intensive care transport of premature or critically ill infants from a trauma point to a major hospital, using patient transport modalities such as road ambulances, fixed or rotary wing aircraft.

The Neocotsystem comprises a ‘state of the art’ heated capsule together with monitoring and resuscitation equipment, plus an internal power source, all ergonomically housed in a single, compact device.

The Neocotand Cosypod systems can be quickly and easily attached to an electrically powered lifting and loading trolley, which in turn can be secured to most transport modalities.

Neocot™ embodies the latest technology in electronic and structural efficiency, as well as meeting the expressed needs of clinical personnel tasked with transporting premature or critically-ill infants.

The state of the art Neocot™ Infant Retrieval System comprises:

  1. Neocot System: An Environmentally Controlled Capsule together with monitoring and resucitation equipment for intensive-care infant retrievals.

  2. Cosypod System: A lightweight ‘Back-Transfer’ system designed to transport infants under medium care back to their local hospitals.

  3. Mansell Power Lifter: An electrically powered, variable height stretcher which is designed specifically to lift and load the Neocot™ or Cosypod Systems for transport.

  4. Neodeck: An adaptor to safely and quickly interface the Neocot™ or Cosypod systems to most other commonly used stretcher systems including the ‘Stryker Power-PRO™ XT’

How did the system evolve?

Back in 1993, a team led by Professor John Grant-Thomson, from the University of Southern Queensland,  researched, designed and built a world leading MIRF (Mobile Intensive Care Facility) for use by the Australian military. It was used initially during the Rwandan War in 1994. The MIRF was then sought by international mining operators, to be instrumental in saving lives in remote mining locations.

Then widely acclaimed for their development of Intensive-care medical devices, the team developed a similar intensive care retrieval system for infants and paediatric patients.

So why Neocot?

Wenross Holdings responds to the expressed needs of Australian and International clinical personnel, the Neocot™ is the preferred infant incubator system designed for transport… and is increasingly acclaimed globally for its innovative features.

NeocotSystem: An environmentally controlled capsule, together with monitoring and resuscitiation equipment plus an internal power source, all ergonomically housed in a single, compact device. The Neocot system can be quickly and easily attached to emergency transport stretchers using the LifePort  mounting system.

  • Unparalleled visibility and access to the infant

  • Power effiicient , temperature regulated incubator accommodating twins

  • Customisable equipment to suit clinician requirements

  • Ventilator with option for High Frquency Oscillation

Cosypod System: A system that is designed to transport infants, including twins, under medium-care back to their local hospitals. The Cosypod comprises a capsule with a temperature controlled mattress and monitoring and medical equipment.

  • Unparalleled visibility and access to the infant

  • Single or double capsule system

  • Accommodates twins in each capsule.

  • 240 minutes of walk time from internal batteries

Mansell Power Lifter: A unique, electrically powered, variable height lifting trolley which is designed specifically to lift and load the Neocot or Cosypod systems into most ambulances and fixed or rotary winged aircraft. There is no lifting required by the user thus minimising back injuries.

  • Available in two different configurations:

    • Longitudinal loading.

    • Transverse loading.

  • Secures into most ambulance restraint systems.

NeoDeck: An adaptor to secure the Neocot or Cosypod systems to most stretcher systems.

  • Provides a LifePort mounting surface.

  • Designed specifically for the widely used 'Stryker Power-PRO™ XT' stretcher.

  • Light weight, high strength construction

  • Folds in half for easy transport and storage

All components of the Neocot™ system are designed to comply with appropriate Australian and International standards, including electrical and environmental safety, aviation, electromagnetic compatibility and ambulance transport restraint requirements.

The Neocot™ is listed on the Australian register of Therapeutic Goods (A.R.T.G. Number 137749 - Incubator, Infant Transportable) and is CE marked.


So for an Infant Retrieval System that has been ‘proven’ in the widest range of operational roles (nationally and internationally) and which now solves infant retrieval challenges every day, please call or email Neocot today.