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The Mansell Power Lifter (MPL) is an electrically powered, variable height lifting system designed specifically for loading and unloading patients and equipment into ambulance vehicles and some fixed or rotary wing aircraft. 


  • Uses existing locks in most ambulance vehicles

  • Push button to raise/lower either end of the device

  • “Zero Lift” system minimizes back injuries

  • Infinitely height adjustable 

  • From 270mm (fully lowered) to 1m (fully raised)

  • Castor wheels allow maneuverability at any height

  • Accepts and locks the ‘LifePort’ foot assembly

  • Large solid rubber wheels for transport stability 

  • Flexible aluminium construction for patient comfort

  • Electric actuators to achieve a unique lifting action

  • Two rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries

  • Auto charging with charge indicator when on AC power

  • Automatic, load sensing,  two speed lift controllers

  • On/Off switch (auto powersave after 10 mins idle time).

  • Complies with AS/NZS 4535:1999 (Ambulance Restraint Systems)

Thanks to the South Australian Government for this video clip.
R.F.D.S Lifeflight (double retrieval). The 'Mansell Power Lifter' can tilt up to
lock directly to the aircraft for a near 'zero lifting' solution.
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