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The Neocot™ system comprises a ‘state of the art’ temperature controlled capsule, together with monitoring equipment, resuscitation equipment and a power source, all ergonomically housed in a single, compact device. The Neocot™ system now comes with the option of internally fitted Phototherapy for continuous treatment during all modes of transport.



  • Unparalled visibility and access to the infant.

  • Integrated phototherapy

  • Patented electric lifter power trolley system

  • Designed for use with the Mansell Power Lifter (Patented electric lifter trolley system).

  • Loads to most aircraft & ambulances (with ‘zerolifting’ by operator).

  • Accommodates twins.

  • Easy to access and clean

  • High frequency oscillation ventilator option.

  • Dual battery system - 120 Minutes ‘walk time’.

  • Power Supply/Charger (Operates from Hospital/Ambulance/Aircraft Power)

  • 1260 Litres of Oxygen - Two ‘CD’ cylinders

  • Medical air cylinders can be fitted.

  • Nitric oxide option - Easily fitted.

  • Incorporates monitoring & resuscitation equipment.

  • Electric Suction Unit - Laerdal LCSU-4

  • Customisable equipment to suit individual requirements.

  • Complies with AS/NZS 4535:1999 Ambulance Restraint Systems.


Neocot fits an array of ventilator options such as the new HFO ventilators.

Hamilton T1 
Acutronic Fabian HFO
Acutronic fabian
Therapy Evolution

There are several choices of monitors, 

including the Philips X3 and several 

models  of Propaq.

Philips X3
Propaq Zoll
Syringe / Suction / Oxygen

Our standard configuration fits 

Syringe Pumps, a Laerdal Suction Pump,

and two ‘CD’ sized oxygen cylinders. A

Nitric Oxide option is also available.

Laerdal Suction Pump
Bbraun Syringe Pumps
Inhalo 'CD' Cylinders
Thanks to the South Australian Government for this video clip.
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