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The Cosypod system is a ‘state of the art’ lightweight

back transfer system that caters for twins


  • Lightweight back transfer system to free up vital beds

  • Single and double capsule variants

  • Accommodates twins in each capsule

  • Fitted with electrically heated blanket

  • Fitted with Power Supply / Controller

  • 120 Minutes of Walk Time from internal battery system

  • Easy to access and clean

  • Patented electric power lifter trolley system

  • Complies with Ambulance Restraint Systems.

  • “LifePort” Feet to Lock to Suitable Mounting Systems such as the Mansell Power Lifter. 

  • 630 Litres of Oxygen - One ‘CD’ Cylinder (per Capsule).

  • Electric Suction Unit - Laerdal LCSU-4.

  • Two Syringe Pumps - Bbraun Perfusor Space (Per Capsule).

  • Vital Signs Monitor (Per Capsule).


One Astopad controller and up to two electrically heated blankets.

Mattress and Controller

Mounting for various monitors can be installed.

Syringe / Suction / Oxygen

The Cosypod system is configured to allow up to four Bbraun Perfusor Space Syringe Pumps, one Laerdal Suction Pump (Shared) & two ‘CD’ size Inhalo oxygen cylinders.

Massimo SET Rad-5
Thanks to the South Australian Government for this video clip.
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