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  • Dr. John Grant-Thomson

Neocot turns Blue!

Here at BAC Technologies, it gives us great pleasure to proudly announce that the legendary Neocot can now have an in-built phototherapy option.

This now makes the Neocot the only Infant Retrieval System in the world with this particular type of integrated option.

At the Innovation in Aeromedical Transport Conference - held in Toowoomba April 2018, my colleague Anthony Vadalma and I, revealed for the first time how our engineering team researched this possibility and developed a system which allows blue light phototherapy treatment to commence immediately if required for an infant placed in the Neocot for a retrieval/ transfer.

We then, in the following month had the opportunity to demonstrate this capability at The NeoResQ Neonatal Retrieval Seminar held at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

The system uses state-of-the-art light emitting diodes which provide the correct wavelength and irradiance as in nursery based systems to treat billirubin.

The option has been designed to operate from the Neocot’s own batteries so it is available continuously through all phases of a retrieval including during ‘walk time’. One great advantage worth noting is, that if a retrieval/transfer is delayed for some reason, the phototherapy treatment can continue uninterrupted.

All new Neocots now ordered will have the phototherapy option included automatically.

All current Neocots already in service can also have a factory upgrade in which the phototherapy option can be retro-fitted.

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